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For the past 23 years since its establishment in 1979, GF Co., Ltd. has been making its ceaseless etmost effort with concentrating all fields of business activity to the customers's happiness through the satisfaction of the customers.

We, GF Co., Ltd. has developed various kinds of confectionery that pleases the entire mankind being loved by the whole world for its idearich products of chocolates and even snacks, not to mention candies.

GF Co., Ltd. Started manufacturing the popping candy from 1985 for the first time in Korea and is producing a variety of popping candies. Especially, the Magic Pop, its own brand name, which adds various fruits flavours to the sweetness with the popping noise in the mouth is called "four-dimension candy" and is being loved by the whole world.

With unique know-how and ultramodern technical installations, we, GF. Co., Ltd. are producing diverse candies loved by children. We are manufacturing tasty, sweet candies loved by every customers and large part of our products are being exported successfully to the world with acquiring general popularity.

GF Co., Ltd. Has made much investment and has continued research to produce chocolate suited to our taste with our own technique. As a result, we have come to have our own cholate manufacturing technique and succeeded in making diversified and upgraded products marketable, developing manifold chocolate and chocoballs.

What GF Co., Ltd. gives special attenttion to in the confectionery enterprise is globalization. GF Co., Ltd. has heightened its investment in the affiliated companies abroad, not to mention amplifying their production facilities, attaining success.


At present, GF Co., Ltd. has set up U.S. A. and Spain onsite corporation each to secure a bridgehead for finding a larger market abroad. In Shantung prefecture, China, GF Co., Ltd. Set up a joint corporation "Yongku-Jeongwoo Foodstuff Limited Responsibility Company" which is producing snacks made of peanut coating. And also, in Hepei prefecture, China GF Co., Ltd. has set up "Ssangma Foodstuff Limited Responsibility Company" for the various kinds of candies with ambition to be a firm stand as synthetic confectionery company both in name and reality in this country.

Thus, GF Co., Ltd. is keeping its footing as a globalization and specialized confectionery company. On the basis of the technical know-how and trust it has accumulated in the domestic market, GF. Co., Ltd has found its way to noted world market such as EC nations, America, Japan, etc. Aiming high at one hundred million dollars' worth of exports by 2010, GF Co., Ltd. §Ńs steadily advancing toward opening up foreign markets. With the strongest weapon imaginable called "supreme quality" we will make the whole world our customers.

Apr.7,1979 Jeongwoo Confectionery Industry Company was established. President Yoon Seung-hong took office as its representative.
Jun.24,1981 Turned to a corporation as Jeongwoo Confecitionery Inc. (Located at Yongdungpo, Seoul.)
1983~1985 Research on and development of carbonic acid candies.
Nov.23,1986 On the 23rd Exportation Day we were awarded £§ one million Export Tower and we won official commendation of the Prime Minister (for the first time in the internal confectionery circles.)
Aug.1990 A Sino-Korea joint corporation "Tongbang Candy Limeted Responsibility Company" was founded.
Jan.1991 A Sino-Korea joint corporation "Yonku-Jeongwoo Foodstuff Limited Responsibility Company" was founded.
May.22,1991 The factory was completed and moved into at Bakdal-Dong, Manan-Ku, Anyang City, Kyungki-do.
Nov.30,1991 On the 28th Exportation Day we were awarded £§ five million Export Tower and we won official commendation of the President of the Republic of Korea.
Jun.27,1995 A Sino-Korea joint corporation "Ssangma Foodstuff Limited Responsibility Company" was founded.
Nov.30,1995 On the 32nd Exportation Day we were awarded £§ ten million Export Tower
Apr.6,1998 We were selected as a promising minor enterprise(by Kyungki-do).
May.3,1998 On Labor Day we were awarded "Industry Medal" (by the Government of the Republic of Korea)for the labor-management harmony
Jul.7,1998 We were officially commended as an excellent enterprise in quality management(by Kyungki-do).
Nov.23,1999 We won International Quality System ISO 9002 Certificate.
Dec.8,1999 We were selected as a model venture enterprise (by the Ministry of Medium £¶ Minor Enterprises).
Apr.7,2000 On the 20th anniversary of the company's foundation the firm name was changed from Jeongwoo Confectionery Inc. to GF Co., Ltd.
Dev.2000 "Ssanma Foodstuff Limited Responsiblility Company" was turned into an independent on-site corporation "GF china".
On site corporation abroad "Ssangma Foodstuff Limited Responsibility Company" located in Hepei prefecture, China. "GeeeF America, Inc." America.
A joint corporation aborad "Yongku-Jeongwoo Foodstuff Limited Responsibility Company" located in Shantung prefecture, China.
1991 ~ Participated ISM as exhibitor since the year of 1991.

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