A Notice of a Public Tender for Popping Candy Plant
 No : 9 Date : 2006-07-10  
To whom it may concern;

The company, GF has a intention to sell bellowing popping candy manufacturing equipments. If you have any question and /or comments for this bid, please contact me without any hesitation. Tel: 82-31-4670-0432, Fax : 82-31-444-1112, email : equip@geeef.net

1.        The scope of tender
i.        The gasified candy( Popping candy ) manufacturing plant.
ii.        Technical know-how producing popping candy and related intellectual properties

2.        Conditions
i.        There isn¡¯t any restriction to make a bid, but the plant shall not transfer to, and install in the People¡¯s Republic of China
ii.        The plant will be sold to the highest bidder above 2.0 million USD.
iii.        GF has a right to choose a successful bidder, even though the bidder who may bid lower bidding then the highest based on the bidder¡¯s business proposal or future co-operational conditions.

3.        Plant description
Refer to Appendix A
( http://www.geeef.net/notice/20060710/equipmentslist.pdf ).

4.        Delivery
i.        GF shall disassemble and make appropriate packages to transfer the plant
ii.        The buyer should pay all the cost of transport from the port of Pusan,Korea.
iii.        GF shall provide technical information installing the plant, and dispatch necessary engineers
iv.        Installation of the plant on the buyer¡¯s site shall be buyer¡¯s responsibility.

5.        Technical Transference
i.        GF shall provide appropriate information and technology producing popping candy and related products as followings:
a.        Popping candy
b.        Popping candy with powder gum
c.        Popping candy with lolli-pop
d.        Chocolate coated popping candy
e.        Juice powder with popping candy
ii.        GF shall provide technical information operating the plant, and dispatch necessary engineers training labors by the buyer¡¯s own expense.

Thank you.

Jeongmin Yoon
General Manager of GF
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