For the past 20 years we have been devoting all our energy to producing good-guality sweet stuff that will create "fantasy and dream" in the mind of the leaders of the future world. We think, however, the real challenge of opening up new markets for our GF Co., Ltd. begins from now on.

Since its foundation in 1979 GF Co., Ltd. that has been making efforts in developing confectionery that pleases the entire mankind is being loved by the whole world for its idearich products of chocolates and even snacks, not to mention candies. As a result, in the field of equipment and manufacturing techniques for hard candies we have come to possess the high-level know-how of our own. Our new products of novel ideas have been highly evaluated in the international world for their uniqueness and have been exported to 32 countries of the world.

For the first time in the Korean confectionery circles GF Co., Ltd. has been awarded a medal for export merit three times and has won official commendation from the Prime Minister and the President of the Republic of Korea respectively.

In addition, winning the international ISO 9002 Quality System Certificate, we have been able to export 20 million dollars' worth of candies amid the favorable opinion and praise both from home and abroad, which would have been impossible without the love of you customers.

Careless challenge and creativity toward new products - if armed with these two alone, nothing is impossible. We are developing high value-added new products with the venture thechnology of our own, setting the goal at one hundred million dollars' export by 2010. Thanking from the bottom of our heart the customers all over the world who love our products, we will try our utmost to be an industry GF Co., Ltd. that will ever be ready to meet the requests of all customers.

Best regards,

C.E.O. Yoon, Seung-Hong
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